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Barbara Bui Brand ™

Barbara Bui went direct from a literary education into the world of trend. Her designs are always imbued with the openness towards different world cultures. It is above all a style which expresses duality, and a form which combines masculine and feminine codes.

a clothing boutique was opened by Barbara Bui. The designer presented her first sets establishing her eponymous brand.

The Designer's view is that of a girl expressing the balance between sensitivity and strength; energy united with femininity that is great.

Her first creations were pieces that were custom-made in her studio-boutique.

Praised by buyers and the press, she had to organize her business in order and demand fulfill; the Barbara Bui vogue house came to be.

Barbara Bui Brand

Barbara Bui was among the very first designers to start an eponymous boutique. Through the years the Barbara Bui fashion house started flagship stores on earth on some of the most esteemed streets.

Barbara Bui brings her outlook to sets of bags and shoes, resulting elegant in a racy, and determined look. Her line's heart changed radically than with her focus on the modest blue jean. The Designer's touch stilettos may yet appear by the time the selection reaches shops, but on the runway, at least, these steps shoved her brand forwards.

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